Denting and painting

We provide a high quality mobile and static paint repair service in and around the Colchester areas. Your car will be repaired to the highest possible standard by a perfectionist! No over-spray and a repair that will last the life of your car. Please check out our customer comments page to see what previous customers have said about us. Paintless dent removal is ideal for most minor dents where the paint is not damaged and the back of the dent is accessible. The typical dents we can remove are those your car collects at the car park when other drivers park too close and open their doors hitting your car. This often results with an annoying door ding.

Whether you’ve clipped your alloy which has caused a nasty scuff or a big chunk has been knocked clean out, no matter how badly damaged you’ve come to the right place. We are at the forefront of the alloy refurbishment industry whether it be you need a repair or a new alloy Dents and Scuffs are here to assist. Click here for our Alloy Wheel Repair Page. If your cars windscreen chip is less than the size of a £1 coin then the windscreen cosmetics at Dents & Scuffs will be able to repair it. They use the best repair equipment money can buy and the finest resins which give factory fantastic results for any windscreen chip repair.

We specialise in customised colouring spraying and expert hydrographics with 3d images. Hydrographic stamping is really a method of making use of pre-printed designs to pre-sprayed 3 dimensional items, it is usually known as water transfer printing, Click here to find out more. Our Machine Polish Service will restore your paintwork and will remove most light scratches. It could increase the sale value of your car when you come to sell it. All paint finishes, with or without a clear coat, will deteriorate and dull over time.

locatoion: Kafouri - block 9 - near QNB Bahri Branch
Phone number:0900992126 - 0998494117