Clutch Repairs

We can do anything from replace a clutch cable right through to the bigger jobs like replace the whole clutch kit - which includes the clutch plate, pressure plate and the thrust / throw out bearing. Most of these repairs can be done on site. Due to our mechanics safety larger vehicles and gearboxes may need the car to be taken to our nearest workshop - which we will arrange no problem

We also repair or replace the clutch master and slave cylinder. If it is leaking or not working anymore we replace the cylinder, put in new fluid and bleed the clutch hydraulic system.

If you just need the clutch fluid replaced or have a broken clutch cable we are more then happy to help. Our mobile mechanics are equipped, trained and friendly to undertake your car's clutch repair.

It is always our policy to provide a written quote before starting any clutch work so you are in control of costs. Due to the large nature of clutch repairs and having to remove the gearbox, sometimes we cant see what is wrong until it is stripeed - such as flywheel machining or seals and bearings. In this instance we will always let you knwo as soon as we find out.

We use only quality parts on your vehicle. We replace any damaged or worn parts at your convenience. All work comes with a 12 month/20,000km nationwide warranty. - so you have peace of mind all over Australia. Stuck on holidays for car repair or service - give us a yell.

If you have any questions please call our customer team on 13 30 32 for more helpful discussion on your clutch problems and how we can get your car going again easy as possible, without you having to pick up and drop off cars all over the place. Happy motoring.

locatoion: Kafouri - block 9 - near QNB Bahri Branch
Phone number:0900992126 - 0998494117