Drive Belt Replacement

Fully Qualified Mechanics - Only Quality Parts and Brands Used – 12 Months Warranty Price and Availability

Our mobile mechanics perform replacement on car Fan Belt and Drive Belts. Whether your belt is broken, cracked, loose or slipping we can help. This is an important part of your vehicles cooling and charging systems. If it breaks or is slipping can casue the alternator not to charge and battery will go flat.

In addition, the water pump will not spin which will lead to engine overheating. Please do not drive without it. We will check all the pulleys and tensioners to ensure they are fit to continue on. A squeeling belt is a sign it is loose or on the way out. Also cracking and discolouring.

locatoion: Kafouri - block 9 - near QNB Bahri Branch
Phone number:0900992126 - 0998494117