Head Gasket Repair

Remove the cylinder head/s, pressure test the cylinder head/s and inspect for cracks or corrosion, remove valve springs, valvle seats and valves to inspect for wear, inspect entire cooling system including radiator, hoses/pipes, head bolts, thermostat, belts, water pump, coolant tanks/caps etc.

Once all this has been carried out we can only then give you an exact price to get the engine running back to normal. Prior to this we can only give you an estimate or average price on this type of head gasket repair.
We use only quality, guaranteed parts on your vehicle.
If you’re looking for a local mechanic for head repairs but aren’t prepared to stop your life for a mechanic’s schedule then you need Lube Mobile’s fully qualified mobile technicians.
Lube Mobile’s fully qualified mechanics will arrive at a place which is most convenient for you and at a time that suits everyone. We are equipped for all of your vehicle repairs, maintenance and service needs. If we cant do the gasket on site we will arrange to take the car back to one of our close workshops to get the job finished on time and on budget.
Logging on to the Lube Mobile’s online booking form will have your mechanic and time slot sorted out in minutes. We need only a couple of pieces of quick and easy information regarding your vehicle’s make, model and age. We can provide you with a cost for your repairs and availability on spares should they be required.

locatoion: Kafouri - block 9 - near QNB Bahri Branch
Phone number:0900992126 - 0998494117