Timing Belt and Kit Replacement

Is your timing belt ot timing kit replacement due? Engine making noises ? Do you need a flexible option for your vehicle services and repairs? Are you looking for a mechanic who can come to you?

We provides you with a local, fully qualified mechanic equipped for fast and efficient timing belt replacement and timing belt kit replacement. All of our vehicle repairs and service work is covered by a 12 month/20 000km nationwide warranty so you can rest easy no matter where you are in the country.Timing belts should be replaced regularly and the schedule will be recommended by the manufacturer.

If you’re timing belt is not due to be replaced but you’re experiencing any of the following, then you may need to have a mechanic look at it straight away.
Timing belt oil sels leaking ?
Worn edges or ribs on the belt?
Noisy timing belt or tensioner ?
Guides worn or engine noise?

Our fully qualified technicians arrive at your preferred location on time and equipped for all of your vehicle repairs, maintenance and service needs carrying with them tools and knowledge to get the job finished on time and on budget.

Our online booking facility is fast and easy to navigate, providing you with an arrival time and place in mere minutes. We need only a couple of pieces of quick and easy information regarding your vehicle’s make, model and age.

A mobile mechanic will be fully equipped to:
Strip the engine
Inspect the condition of the timing belt tensioner
Check seals and pulleys and water pump
Change your timing belt (or Kit Extra if its needed)
Set the camshaft / valve timing
Road test for safety

We use only the best quality parts and spares, including oils and fluids – there are no exceptions!
*Please note - due to these being inside the engine, the mechanic may not be able to give the exact price untill all components are inspected like Timing Belt, Tensioner, oil seals, guides, water pump etc.
* Pictures above are demonstrative only. Each Timing Belt Kit varies vehicle to vehicle. You will recieve a quote on site on which parts are required after inspection after

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Phone number:0901239180 - 0998494117